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Dan A. Marmorstein
Ved Volden 1, 4 tv.
1425 København K

e-mail: danmarmo@hotmail.com

telephone: +45 2857 7161 (mobil)
or, every now and then: +1 (914) 473-2118



When I moved to Denmark in the summer of 1985, I had no idea that I would eventually come to be working on translating Danish-language articles into English.


My wife, Lone Høyer Hansen, is a working artist, primarily creating sculptures and installation works. In connection with one of her exhibitions, more than two decades ago, I volunteered to translate the Danish-language texts in the exhibition catalogue.


This led, in turn, to some of Lone’s colleagues and a number of art historians asking me to do this for their projects as well.

After some time passed doing this work chiefly as a favor to our friends, the idea of doing this work as a professional activity emerged.

Since that time, back in the late nineteen-eighties, all my translation work has been done for people whom I know or for people who know people I know.

It’s been very much a “word-of-mouth” free-lance operation.

I haven’t done any advertising at all and, for the most part, I haven’t been soliciting any of the assignments that have been entrusted to me.


This website represents my first step in making my skills as a translator available to a wider public, i.e., to people who might happen to be shopping around on the Internet to find a translator who can be entrusted with the work of transposing Danish-language material into English.


I do hope that the website proves to be serviceable and functions to tell enough about my skills as is necessary for prospective clients to reach out and ask me to take on work that needs to be done.

I welcome the responsibility and only hope I can live up to the task of producing fine-sounding, logically-flowing and urtext-faithful translations of what’s written in Danish.



Dan A. Marmorstein
October 2011


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